Rack Cards

Rack Cards
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Rack Cards
Concise, yet packed with information, rack cards are a marketing machine. These narrow wonders are designed to be displayed in racks and are incredibly tempting for customers to grab and take home with them. If you're in the tourism, hospitality, or restaurant business, rack cards are an absolute must for getting your message out to hurried consumers.

  • Use rack cards as space-saving promotional pieces at point-of-sale terminals, company lobbies, or trade shows.
  • Add your business card or a coupon to the rack card with an easy tear-away perforation.
  • Include rack cards as a mailing insert to promote an exciting new product or an existing one.

Rack Card: 4 x 9

Rack Card: 4 x 9   (IPDS E17639)
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Size: 4 x 9 Finished Size
Paper: Gloss or Uncoated Cover
Ink: Digital Color
Form ID: IPDS E17639
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